Our Asset Management team works closely with our clients to develop a comprehensive program to meet their individual real estate investment objectives while maximizing investment value.

Property Management

While our property management programs are custom-tailored for each individual asset, the core of the program always remains the same. Minimize operating expenses; maximize investment value; maintain property value and integrity. Through the implementation of our full-service property management program our professionals manage every intricate detail of the operation and maintenance of our client’s assets. Our experienced team of property management professionals performs the following functions for our client’s assets. Our property management services include the following: tenant retention, property inspections, collection of rent and operating expenses, supervision and direction of janitorial, mechanical and general building maintenance, administration of annual operating budget, annual review of service and supply contracts, annual property tax review, construction supervision including capital and tenant improvements.

Financial Reporting

Our clients demand only the most accurate and thorough accounting, reporting, and budgetary systems and procedures available. As Asset Manager, we continuously meet and exceed our client’s expectations with our full-service accounting functions, financial reporting, annual budget preparation, and CAM reconciliation services. Year after year, our highly trained and experienced accounting professionals allow us to provide this superior service with the utmost integrity. Our clients monitor the performance of their assets through our comprehensive quarterly management reports, which includes the following information: operations and maintenance, summary, property inspection report, leasing and marketing report, rent roll, balance sheet, income statement, budget comparison, check register, bank account balance.

Leasing and Marketing

At Asset Specialists, Inc., our team of leasing experts and marketing professionals are an integral part of the success of our client’s assets. Our professionals work in unison to develop a strategic leasing and marketing program to attract quality tenants and to maximize investment value. With superior market knowledge and years of experience, our professionals have the ability to produce unsurpassed results.

Capital Improvements and Renovations

We provide our clients with project management for capital improvements and renovations. Our development team, in conjunction with our property management department, has the extensive construction knowledge and experience necessary to manage even the most complex capital improvements and renovations. Most importantly, our team of professionals understands the importance of completing these projects on-time and on-budget while maintaining tenant satisfaction.

Construction Management

Our Construction Management services are designed to provide the Landlord and Tenant with the assurance that all interior build-outs are completed on-time and on-budget. Our construction management services include the following: team coordination (architect, general contractor, and interior designer), plan review and bid analysis, quality control, and budget and schedule monitoring.

Lease Administration

With our Lease Administration Services our clients can delegate the arduous task of managing and tracking all pertinent data associated with their lease portfolio. By outsourcing these tasks to a third party, our clients and their employees can focus on the functions that generate revenue. Our lease administration services include the following: lease abstracting, critical date tracking, lease auditing, expense auditing, CAM reconciliation, and document management.

Project Management

Regardless of the project, our team thoroughly manages every intricate detail. From planning to construction, we assume complete responsibility in order to ensure quality control, cost effective and timely project delivery. With our team of project management professionals, our clients can rest assured their projects will be completed with little to no interruption of productivity.