Darryn Dunn

Senior Director, Marketing & Transactions




As a Senior Director, Darryn is intimately involved with many aspects of Asset Specialists, Inc.’s transactions, including the acquisitions, dispositions, leasing, marketing, and tenant relations throughout the firm’s portfolio of owned and managed properties.

Darryn’s keen ability to keep his “finger on the pulse” of the market allows our firm to adequately analyze all transactional opportunities as they arise within our management portfolio to ultimately maximize the value, returns and/or desired results of our management clients based on their individual investment criteria.

Darryn began his commercial real estate career at Asset Specialists, Inc in 2012 as a part time marketing intern. Recruited while still in high school, Darryn entered the industry at an early age with a desire to learn and absorb all he could when he joined our team.

During the first several years at Asset Specialists, Inc., his keen attention to detail and graphic capabilities led to our marketing collateral being recognized throughout the industry as “years beyond the standard.”

As his knowledge of our industry and markets grew, Darryn was determined to not be limited as a one dimensional member of our team, received his Florida Real Estate Sales Associate license in 2014 and began to learn as much as he could about deal underwriting, commercial leasing, and sale negotiations.

Since his licensure date, Darryn has been involved in the acquisition and/or disposition of nearly 2 million square feet of buildings, representing over $200,000,000.00 in commercial real estate transactions throughout South Florida. In addition, Darryn has been involved in the marketing and lease negotiations of nearly 2 million square feet of space throughout the firm’s and its clients owned and managed properties.